Trim is for covering the gaps around your house and mouldings are for decorating and upgrading your trim package throughout your home.

D4S is the standard lumber grade material we use for your door jambs and window build outs it can also be used for Trim and Mouldings.

MDF is Machine Density Fibreboard.

Yes – installations are a specialty we offer with our supply.

Installations vary depending on project size, but typically take 1 to 3 days.

Yes, it would be best to make these preparations prior to work beginning to avoid additional mess or damage.

Yes, they will need painted. Our company does not offer painting services at this time.

You CAN install yourself, but we would recommend hiring one of our experienced professionals to take care of any installations you may need.

Yes, all our estimates are free. Contact us at 705-410-3817 for your free estimate.

We do – the deposit will depend on the job. Contact us at 705-410-3817 for more information.